Newsletter of the association “Les Amis de Pauline Jaricot” - May 2020

The Friends of the Pauline Jaricot association invite you to discover the richness of spirituality and the audacity of the actions aroused by Blessed Pauline-Marie Jaricot.

The newsletter brings together initiatives and testimonies brought to the world on behalf of Pauline.


Pauline, Mother of Missions

“This Tuesday, May 26, 2020, Pope Francis authorized the publication of the decree of the miracle attributed to the intercession of Venerable Pauline Jaricot, which decree was published today. "

The announcement of her next beatification recognizes the story of a woman who showed great imagination in the service of the Gospel: “ This day which the Lord makes is a day of joy!

What is Pauline's testimony today?

Birth of the work of the Propagation of the Faith (1820)


The “weekly penny” inspired by Pauline helps the missions and gives birth to the Work of the Propagation of the Faith.


Today, expressing in a modern way the solidarity inspired by Pauline: “go without fear to serve” (Pope Francis, 2013)


Foundation of the Work of the Living Rosary (1826)

The “fortnights” created by Pauline allow several million people to unite in the prayer of the rosary.


Today, the prayer of the Church is based on the sharing of all modern means: https://erosary.clicktoprayerosary.org


A life for the work of the workers and to help the poorest (1816 - 1862)

“I was made to love and act, my cloister is the world”, by her Christmas 1816 vow, Pauline translates her conversion through her commitment to the workers and her actions in the world of work.

Today, the model of “ Laudato Si ” calls for our conversion for an integral ecology of our land: “… Let us be the change we want to see in the world” (Julien Vidal, 2018)

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"We are called to be the instruments of God the Father so that our planet may be what he dreamed of when he created it"

Pope Francis,

Encyclical Laudato Si '


May 2020

Association newsletter

"The Friends of Pauline Jaricot"

Pauline today?

The website, launched in 2015 and supported by the Saint-Irénée Foundation, brings together many details about Pauline's life and the works of which she was the initiator.

This site provides testimony to the many actions undertaken in the world on his behalf. Join the many Friends of Pauline https://paulinejaricot.org/

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- "Yes, it is a great joy, and even if Pauline is already in heaven, it is good that she is recognized by the whole Church, because she has many things to say to today's society . "

- "Joy is great in the Church, especially the Church of Lyon… Let us entrust to her the spiritual needs of our humanity, that she intercedes so that the hearts of men turn to God and place their hope in Him"

- "It is a great gift for the Church ... a woman, a layman and a Lyonnaise"

- “It is the fruit of long work and prayer. Let us rejoice and give thanks to God. "

- "It is with great joy that we receive this long awaited news. It comes at the time of the reopening of our churches to celebrate Pentecost. It is a providential grace for our time ”

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… How to imitate Pauline today?

“We become missionaries by maintaining dialogues of truth before God… through prayer”…


… How to make Pauline known today?

Through our personal witness, our prayer, our social and professional commitment, through our free help in the service of the poorest.



Praying with Pauline


O my God, may your creative gaze dig an abyss in me and may your infinite love flow through me like a river to accomplish your will. "

One thought a day OPM p. 71/83


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