Association newsletter

“The Friends of Pauline Jaricot”

March 2021



The newsletter gathers the testimonies currently brought on behalf of Pauline. These testimonies reflect the modernity of the innovations brought about by the example of Pauline.


  • “Pauline Jaricot” soap opera on RCF (Lyon)

Directed by Alice Forges, journalist from RCF, this interview was broadcast the week of March 8 to 12, 2021, in the RCF regional 18/19.


Pauline Jaricot is a figure of 19th century Christian commitment. Discover its history through several Lyon sites marked with its imprint.

You can find the integral of this series on .

Many testimonies reach us from several distant countries. They bear witness to the richness of intuitions and the liveliness of the works of which Pauline is the instigator.


  • Pauline " martyr of charity" ,

Testimony of Father Didier Pirrodon, parish priest of Saint Polycarpe (Lyon).

Many testimonies can be read in the visitation book open at Saint Polycarp church. Most of these testimonies are indicative of the devotion of visitors from afar.

February 18, 2021

"She (Pauline) inspires me to share God's love with everyone, she inspired me to make something as small as possible ...

(Central Java, Indonesia)

  • Pauline " universal missionary" ,

Testimony of Sister Joséphine, Carmelite missionary in Lorette, the House of Pauline, place of passage of the first martyrs of Lyon and place of memory of distant missions supported by Pauline.

February 26, 2021

"I want to promote devotion to Pauline in my country, so that people can become aware of her life of holiness and follow her examples of Christian life ... in order to live and follow Christ in my youthful life."

(Caloocan City, Philippines)

  • Pauline, "witness to the Beauty of the Church, mystery of communion" ,


January 26, 2021,

“I thank my mother who since my birth has asked Pauline Jaricot to take care of me. Two years ago, I asked Pauline to intercede for me, in order to faithfully follow my vocation to the priesthood.

I assure you of my prayers for the holiness of all and for that of the universal Church. "

Brother Ezekiel, (Calamba City, Philippines)

Fourviere_Lorette_IMG_1681 copie 2.jpg
  • Pauline " daring woman , a great model for today's youth "


January 25, 2021,.

Venerable Pauline is truly worthy of our veneration and we believe in the strength of her prayer before God. Like her, we are moved by the Spirit to live and proclaim the Good News by serving the young and the needy as lay catechists. "

(Bagofaro, Phillippines)

  • Pauline, " hungry for justice" ,


January 24, 2021

"Life is not measured by success or money, but life is measured how much you love and how much you offer yourself in the service of the people of God."

Chrismar, (City of Dasmarinas Philippines)

  • Pauline, " ... she is much more than her works ..."

Testimony of Anne d'Harcourt, great-niece of Pauline


"Pauline, a rich, balanced, joyful, deep, humble, docile personality, to be rediscovered as a model"

June 21, 2020

“The life and example of Venerable Pauline Jaricot are truly an inspiration of holiness for all. She has dedicated her whole life to the service of the Church through her life of prayer, contemplation and witness to the Gospel. example and his teachings urge us to live lives rooted in faith, hope and love and to entrust everything to the goodness and providence of God.

Venerable Pauline is truly worthy of our veneration and we believe in the strength of her prayer before God. "

John Paolo Casal (Paranaque City, Phillippines)



The date of Pauline's beatification ceremony has not yet been set.