Association newsletter

“The Friends of Pauline Jaricot”

November 2020



The newsletter gathers the testimonies currently brought on behalf of Pauline. These testimonies reflect the modernity of the innovations brought about by the example of Pauline.


Pauline, Mother of Missions


On October 10, 2020, the diocese of Lyon welcomes the announcement of the appointment of its new archbishop, Bishop Olivier de Germay. His appointment is announced for December 20.

Bishop Michel Dubost, remains apostolic administrator until this date.

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Bishop Olivier de Germay leaves the Diocese of Ajaccio

where he was assigned from 2012 to 2020.


On May 26, 2020, the Church officially recognized a miracle attributed to venerable Pauline Jaricot. Many newspapers published the announcement of the healing recognized by the Vatican and the miracle allowing the next beatification.

Pauline's personality reveals the topicality of her intuitions and daring innovations.

Mayline TRAN, who was miraculously healed through the intercession of Pauline Jaricot, came to Lorette with her family, to thank, to pray and to visit the House of Pauline,

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Mayline's parents, Emmanuel and Nathalie, never doubted the miracle.

They bear witness to the novena to Pauline who saved their daughter.

Pauline's Witnesses

The announcement of Pauline's next beatification gives rise to testimonies today which reflect the graces received through her intercession.

These testimonies reflect different aspects of Pauline's charisms


* Pauline and housing for disadvantaged people.

“During the 3 years (1990-93) of my professional stay in Lyon, I discovered Pauline Jaricot and asked her to sponsor my work as a civil servant in the service of social and very social housing. Her help was as obvious to me as it was discreet for others: resolution of institutional conflicts, creation of integration housing, creation of consultation structures .... It was she who would have deserved the medal of Officer of Merit who was assigned to me.

A.C. August 2020

* Unpublished companionship with Pauline.

“The circumstances of Pauline Jaricot's beatification providentially crown a companionship that has never been denied since 1986. She accompanies me in my“ work, my trials, and my prayers ”as Bishop Albert Malbois, then president of the OPM, predicted. the saint for times of dereliction, times of dispossession… the time of the Lord. "

JC D. on November 7, 2020

* By the hand of Pauline.

“What a joy to know Pauline presented as a model

in the world. I would like to remind you that our fraternity of

little brothers of the Gospel in Nyons (Drôme) was brought

by a faithful of Pauline: Henri Couston, an old peasant

who wrote very beautiful poems.

How many of them started with these words:

"By the hand of Pauline."

Henri died and was buried in Nyons 2 years ago,

his writings are in the process of being published.



Henri Couston 2004



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November 2020

Association newsletter

"The Friends of Pauline Jaricot"



Texts of Pauline for the present time: EUCHARIST

“Stay with me in the bottom of your heart, I am with you and your heart is my tabernacle; you are truly a living church in which I live through the fellowship you make every day. When you are compelled to speak to creatures, do not lose sight of my presence in your heart. I must be one to one with you ".

conversations of the Lord with Pauline,

Note written in his spiritual notebook

during the first half of 1824.

“All that I know, I have learned at your feet, Lord: therefore receive the homage of all that I am, of all that I have, of all that I (could) never think, say and do good. "

Spiritual writing, p.122 -

The infinite Love of the divine Eucharist - Mame



May Pauline help us prepare for the Incarnation of our Lord!



The various events planned are currently subject to the restrictions imposed by the health situation.

The exact date of the beatification ceremony is not yet fixed. Consult the web site agenda for information.


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November 2020

Association newsletter

"The Friends of Pauline Jaricot"